Whitwick Green & Church End 

Villages across the country have been asked to create a plan of how they would like to see their village evolve.  This plan requires as many of the villagers as possible in the consultation process so that we can have a democratic outlook of how the village is viewed and how we, the villagers, wish it to progress, especially in light of the growing housing needs across the Borough. A steering group has been set up to establish a Thurleigh Neighbourhood Development Plan.  This steering group is made up of a small team of Thurleigh parishioners representing the different areas of our village. However, we will be asking everyone to take part in this plan as we progress through the different stages.

We have commissioned a company, Regeneration Positive, who will be working with the steering group to take them through the processes in the initial stages.  Regeneration Positive is well versed in working with groups to develop their plans and is currently working with other villages local to us. We hope that by the end of the 18 months to 2 years in developing the plan we will have determined how we wish the village to become a better place to live, be that through improved broadband for local businesses, improved traffic calming, more local, low cost housing (the list is endless) to what we would like to see done with the old officers mess site!


NDP privacy notice




  1. I think any proposals should be accompanied by a declaration of interest if the proposer stands to benefit if the idea is adopted.


  2. Thanks for the comment Paul and we will take this on board. The NDP is not quite at that stage yet. However, anything that is adopted will have been agreed by the village first.


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