Regeneration Positive

Thurleigh NDP, through the Parish Council.  commissioned Regeneration Positive to work with the Steering Group in guiding us through the correct processes and giving us their expert advice.

Regeneration Positive was formed in April 2014 to provide project consultancy services. The range of services offered include:

  • Problem Solver – Emphasis on “Solutions” not “Problems”!
  • Project Management – Coordinate project delivery and the development and application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve project objectives.
  • Neighbourhood Planning Support – Visioning, community consultation, research, evidence gathering and action planning.
  • Feasibility Studies – Options appraisal, objective assessment and clear recommendations.
  • Project Development – Project profiles, development strategies, action plans and project organisation.
  • Fund Raising – Research and develop fund-raising strategies, liaise with funding bodies and prepare funding applications.
  • Consultation – Prepare and deliver consultation events and processes that increase community engagement and awareness and provide valuable feedback.
  • Project Negotiation – Negotiating Development Agreements and effective and shrewd negotiations with all stakeholders throughout the life of a project.
  • Financial and Cost consultancy – Financial appraisals to evaluate project viability understanding costs to achieve added value to the project and effective financial monitoring;
  • Property management – Operation, control, and oversight of assets.
  • General Support – Support for pre-application enquiries, organising and managing meetings and other ad-hoc services.

Trevor Roff, Partner and CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy) qualified Accountant, was previously Director of Finance & Corporate Services at Bedford Borough Council (from 2009 to 2014) – with responsibility for a gross revenue expenditure of over £350 million and a significant capital investment programme – and was formerly Operational Director (Regeneration & Economic Growth) responsible for the Borough Council’s land and property portfolio and for representing the Council in a wide range of projects, including significant regeneration projects in Bedford town centre, engaging with a variety of external stakeholders with commercial, political and social interests.

A local government career spanning almost 39 years required a resilient, adaptable and strategic leader of public services and the ability to respond to differing personalities, and different situations and, in doing so, the benefits of humour and time for tact, diplomacy and compromise, have been essential.


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